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Simple.  Exclusive.  Personal.

Green Salad

The Simply Well Fed 6-Week Start-Up 


* Meet and Greet Meeting

* Comprehensive Holistic Nutrition Intake

* Meal Planning Assessment

* Introductory Meeting to Your Simply Well Fed Plan

* 4 Weeks of Personalized Weekly Meal Plans with 

        Complete Grocery Lists, Customized Recipe 

        Books and Healthy Nutrition and Lifestyle


* Weekly Email/Text Check-Ins for support and all of

       your needs, questions and concerns

* Next Steps Planning Meeting to decide your Next

        Steps for being Simply Well Fed 


     Personalized Meal Plans

** At this time my client list for Personalized Meal Plans is full.  Contact me to have your name added to the waitlist!

What should you do to improve your health?  Should you be counting calories, macros, steps or something else?  Is keto, paleo, sugar-free, gluten-free, low-carb, low fat, HIIT, yoga or becoming vegan right for you? 

We all want to eat and feel better.  We want to manage our weight, have more energy and live a long, disease-free life.  But it's hard to figure out how to do this when we're busy and with all the info and opinions out there. 
Good health begins with what you put in your body.  When you eat better, you feel better.  It's that simple and one simple plan will help you do this...

Simply Well Fed Personalized Meal Plans are my way to guide you to a healthier, happier, more balanced life. It's about sifting through the mountains of health and nutrition information out there, figuring out what really matters and finding what will work and fit into YOUR life.  It's YOUR roadmap to becoming simply well fed. Simple, exclusive, personal, because no two people are alike.

We'll work together on a regular basis, making small, meaningful changes to your diet and lifestyle, changes that will have a big impact on your health over time. It's like having your own personal trainer for your nutrition needs.
No restrictive cleanses or "quick-fix" diet plans. We won't count calories. We'll count nutrients, the specific ones that you need to reach your health and lifestyle goals. 

Simply Well Fed Plans ensure that you eat delicious, quick, and nourishing meals and that you stick to your nutrition and lifestyle goals, whether you're home, on the run, eating out, or traveling. (I'll even help you figure out how to eat better when eating out or traveling). 

Where Do We Start?
We start by learning all about you. What's unique, what makes you tick. What works and what doesn't. What's bugging you and what is awesome. Everyone is different. We start there and together, begin building a simple, personal, exclusive nutrition plan so that you become Simply Well Fed for your life.

Personalized meal plans begin with a 6-week Start-Up. This includes a Comprehensive Holistic Nutrition Intake and Meal Planning Assessment. These highlight important details about you - your current health concerns and symptoms, your health history, your lifestyle habits, goals and your food and cooking preferences. This is integrated with evidence-based health and nutrition principals to begin creating your plan.  We stay in touch weekly to update, fine tune, and keep you inspired and well fed for your life.

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