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Simple.  Exclusive.  Personal.

Meet Lisa


I'm a Calgary girl, born and bred.  I've raised and fed a family.  I have seen disease up close and personal and have experienced real loss.  I have worked with women, men, the young and older.  


I cook, read and learn every, single, day and am passionate beyond belief about the connection between health, healing and good nutrition.

I firmly believe that food is fuel and food is medicine, not just something to keep hunger at bay.  It's something that should nourish and protect us and help us get the best out of every single day.  If you want to be productive, energetic and positive, you have to eat and live to support that. I think that one of the most radical things we can do to transform and build our health is to learn how to cook real, whole, unprocessed food and that it must taste great and be simple to prepare. 

I believe in being Simply Well Fed, one simple step at a time. My passion is to share this with you!


Let me help you become Simply Well Fed for life!


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