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Simple.  Exclusive.  Personal.

Stuffed Avocado

"Eat Food

Not Too Much

Mostly Plants"


                 -Michael Pollan

Simply Well Fed's Philosophy


Simply Well Fed is the culmination of my lifetime pursuit to eat and live well.  When we eat well, we live and feel well.  It's that simple. We have more energy, less pain, manage stress better, stay a healthier weight and have better moods and sleep. Simply Well Fed will transform and build your health one simple step at a time and will make a real, lasting, and meaningful difference in how you shop, cook, eat, and live.  

What's right for me?

There are 3 unique ways for you to become Simply Well Fed:

Personalized Recipe Books 

Created JUST FOR YOU - to fit your life, your health and your goals. 


Monthly Recipe and Nutrition Guide Subscription

Tired of coming up with creative, healthy and delicious meals to eat, week after week? This is for you! 

Private Culinary Nutrition Cooking Classes

For groups, for two or just you!  Whether for inspiration, education, fun or a bit of all, you'll leave with handouts full of health and nutrition info, a recipe book, grocery list and a belly full of good food! 

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