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Simple.  Exclusive.  Personal.


What's Included In Each Kickstart Session?

* New Simply Well Fed clients begin with a
complimentary Initial Discovery Call or In-Person Meeting

* A 1-hour “In-Your-Kitchen” visit to problem solve
and create!

* Personalized Recipe Book and Nutrition Guide
* Follow-Up Call (15-minutes)
* Email/Text Support

What Does Each Kickstart Session Cost?
$150.00 bi
lled securely through Square

Nutrition Kickstart in Your Kitchen

"Small changes in the kitchen add up to big changes in your health"


Studies suggest that when we cook homemade meals more often and reduce how much we rely on take-out, eating out and ready-made meals, our diets are healthier.  This can make a world of difference to our overall health and to our budgets.

The trouble is, when we don't know what to make or what is healthy, we don't have a plan and don't have our kitchens properly stocked, cooking isn't much fun.

Let's change that...

Whether you’re looking for new recipe inspiration, want to eat more plants, need a pantry clean-out, are challenged by a health issue or just need some sound health and nutrition guidance, Nutrition Kickstart in Your Kitchen will get you going!


These 1:1 sessions are customized to address your personal cooking and nutrition roadblocks.  Just like a personal trainer might come to your home, with your equipment to help you reach your fitness goals, a “nutrition trainer” works with you to help you reach your health and nutrition goals right in your own kitchen.  Change your health, change your life, one ingredient, one recipe, one meal at a time!


Become Simply Well Fed!

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