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Simple.  Exclusive.  Personal.

Healthy Breakfast

What's Included Each Month?

4 Recipe and Nutrition Guides in your Inbox every Friday:
- Whole-Food Seasonal Recipes Scaled to Your Household
- Breakfasts, Snacks, Lunches/Dinners
- Vegetarian, Dairy-free and Gluten-free or adaptable
- Complete Ready-to-Go Weekly Grocery Lists

- Nutrition Guidance to keep you in-the-know and
about all things nutrition, kitchen and health
- Email Support

What does it Cost? 
*34.99/month billed securely through Square

 Monthly Recipe and Nutrition Guide Subscription

Do you skip breakfast or eat the same thing most mornings?  Do you stand in the fridge, trying to come up with dinner ideas and realize you don't have any inspiration or are missing key ingredients? Do you wonder which carbs to eat?

We all want to feel better and good health begins with what you put into your body - real, whole, unprocessed food. But this is hard to figure out and do when w
e're busy and tired and when there are so many options and opinions out there.  All you really need is a little nutrition guidance, some healthy recipes and a grocery list...
Yes, it's that simple! 
A subscription to Simply Well Fed's Monthly Recipe and Nutrition Guides takes the time and stress out of planning, shopping and cooking so that you have more time for living and doing the things that you really love.  It ensures that you eat quick, delicious and nourishing meals and snacks week after week, for life! You know what groceries to buy, what recipes to follow and you know that they are going to be simple and good for you. It's easy to commit to eating better when you have a plan and a little support.

It's the most affordable and effective investment that you can make for your health and your loved ones. You'll never regret it!
Become Simply Well Fed!

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