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Green Salad

Simply Well Fed Personalized Recipe Books 

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* Personalized Nutrition Guide
* 20 Personalized Recipes
* Complete Ready-to-Go Grocery List
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     Personalized Recipe Books

Good health begins with what you put in your body - real, whole unprocessed food.  When you eat better, you feel better and look better.  It's that simple!

A Simply Well Fed Personalized Recipe Book provides you with everything you need to shop, cook and eat healthier.  No guesswork, no missing ingredients, no stress, no wasted time and no overwhelm.  You'll save time and money at the grocery store and in your kitchen because your recipe book comes with a complete ready-to-go grocery list and easy-to-follow, seasonal recipes that are scaled for your household and curated JUST FOR YOU!  

The recipes fit your lifestyle, food preferences, restrictions, health concerns and goals, whether you're new to whole-foods cooking, trying to lose weight, going plant-based, want gluten-free, need to eat more fiber or just want some inspiration for breakfasts, sport snacks, quick dinners or healthy dessert recipes. We can set your recipes up as a 1 or 2-week meal plan too!

Change your health, change your life, one ingredient, one recipe at a time!


Become Simply Well Fed!

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