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The Many Ways to use Apple Butter - Fall's Tastiest Condiment

What is Apple Butter? It's not butter with apples in it. Apple butter is just a super concentrated form of apple sauce, produced by long cooking in your slow cooker. It'll make your whole house smell like Autumn! The sugar in the apples caramelizes, turning the apple butter a deep golden brown. This concentration of the apple's natural sugars gives apple butter it's deliciousness and a much longer shelf life as a preserve than apple sauce. It's dairy-free, gluten-free, loaded with fiber and has no added sugar or preservatives.

What can you do with apple butter, other than slathering it on a piece of your favourite sourdough toast? Stir it into oatmeal or chia pudding, top your pancakes and waffles, use it on a cheese board, on a BBQ chicken pizza or piece of roasted pork or chicken, swap it into recipes for pumpkin and applesauce, use it in a pulled pork sandwich, a wrap or burger, swirl it into hummus, yogurt or a smoothie! YUM! It's so versatile, sweet or savoury and makes a great hostess gift!

Sugar-Free Spiced Apple Butter - Makes about 3 Cups to enjoy and share!

Prep Time: 10 minutes Cook Time: 7 hours


* a mix of 5 pounds of your favourite apples, cored and diced. Peel on please, for fiber!

* 1/4 cup water

* 2 cinnamon sticks (or swap in 1 tsp cinnamon)

* 1/2 tsp allspice

* 1/2 tsp nutmeg

* 1/2 tsp vanilla extract

* 1/8 tsp sea salt


1. Put all the ingredients in your slow cooker and mix to combine.

2. Cover and cook on high for 5 hours or on low for 10 hours, stirring once halfway, until

the apples are tender and dark brown.

3. Uncover and puree with an immersion blender. If you don't have an immersion

blender, spoon into a food processor or blender.

4. Cook on high, uncovered for 2 hours, stirring occasionally until thickened.

5. Spoon into jars, cover and refrigerate for up to 3 months or freeze for up to 1 year.


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